A Kemetic Ritual for the Goddess Bastet

I was fortunate enough to attend a temple ritual dedicated to the Goddess Bastet whilst attending Pantheacon 2015.

Held in one of the Doubletree Hotel suites where the convention is located, the ritual was conducted by Richard Reidy and participants of the Kemetic Temple of San Jose, The Temple of Ra in San Francisco, the Kemetic Temple of Sacramento, and the Per Akhet Kemetic Temple of Colorado.

The ceremony lasted around 45 minutes and featured some beautiful words and epithets of Bastet that I hadn't heard before. Those that were attending as guests like myself were able to join in the ceremony with various recitations and prayers.

After, the offerings were reverted and we had a mini feast of sorts. It was festive, fun and sacred all at once.

Beautiful Bastet with the ankh offering, and an offering of Maat

This was my first attendance of a group Kemetic ritual and it really was great being in attendance.

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