Is there a Neter of snow?

The obelisk known as Cleopatra's Needle in situ Central Park, New York City: one of the boldest images I have captured for my project so far

I always said that I would not be able to handle being in the snow, but here I am in New York City with it coating the place like icing.

And I am fine.

Maybe it is because it is a full moon tonight (now, maybe? My sense of time is so out of whack with jet lag) that I am feeling this place so intensely. It is my third time in NYC, and my fifth visit to the States. What feels different?

It is that now I know that I do not know. I don’t have the answers for all the big questions I contemplate (probably too much) and can not predict the future. Nor can I control it. For some reason, I am drawn to thinking about mans evolution, his fate, and accomplishments here.

I visited the Met museum today – the third time to do so in my life – and wandered around the Ancient Egyptian part mostly. I have been struck by many realisations about Ancient Kemet before. But never have I been so struck by the notion that a once, very great, very advanced civilisation preceded ours and that in many ways, especially spiritually, we have devolved.

That great civilisation came and went, as ours may also.

As I studied the artwork and hieroglyphic inscriptions more closely than last time I was here (I had not yet ventured into Neo Kemetic painting at that time) I was taken aback by the precision and certainty of the work. And a profound sense of not being able to entirely grasp the meaning of the great statues and glyphs intellectually at all, and feeling that I am meant to another way but my senses for that way are dumb . . . . .

Was there a Neter of snow? Is snow something sacred to Tefnut? Did the creators of the obelisk we call Cleopatra’s needle dream that it would one day reside in a far off land, covered with snow?

My first day in NYC was under the strong influence of a full moon in Leo, as well as Jupiter, both visible here despite the intense light of Times Square, Manhattan

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