Windows To The Sacred

Windows To The Sacred is an exhibition that I had been looking forward to seeing in Melbourne, as it had already toured to other Australian cities. 

Interestingly, this and the last exhibition I have seen in Melbourne along spiritual / religious / esoteric lines have been held in regional centres. The Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery is the host of this exhibit, and though it is a trek out of Melbourne, it is not a disappointing one.

Whilst not all pieces featured in the previous versions of the exhibition or tour book were featured in this incarnation, it was still a satisfying show to attend. (I was disappointed that Austin Osman Spare's piece was not included).

I had earlier this year attended a lecture in San Jose about the creation of Crowley's "Thoth Tarot Deck", and seeing some of his works in person for the first time was a treat. 

"Life After Dark" by Thor Engelstad

The below placard featured at the exhibition sums up concisely what the exhibition is about:

I feature below photos I took of work that I found particularly engaging.

"The Omen II" by Abdul-rahman Abdullah

"Isis Unveiled" by Kim Nelson

"Landscape And Jade Pagoda" by Aleister Crowley

"Beelzebub" by William Barry Hale

"Legion 49" by Barry William Hale

"A Moment In The Process" by James Gleeson

The Windows To The Sacred website is here. The exhibition runs until July 12, 2015.

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