Triple Sekhmet

Triple Sekhmet 30” x 30”
Mixed media (acrylic / egg tempera) on linen November 2015

This painting is the 2nd in my series The Netjeru In America, inspired by my trip to the USA earlier this year. 

From my blog:

I felt many Netjeru as I browsed exquisite antiquities across the country, but there was One who literally called me to Her statues each time there was a large votive statue present (usually from the reign of Amenhotep III as he made so many created!): Sekhmet. This happened at all 4 of the major museums I visited.

The painting is a reproduction of one of six statues in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The inspiration for the painting

The very first time I visited the museum in 2000 all six statues were assembled in the area where the Dendur temple is situated.

The first time I saw this assembly of statues was in 2000 when all six were together; I sat across from this view wishing that all the multitudes of people walking by would clear for an instant so that I could get a good shot . . . and it happened!

My painting had an interesting unfolding. The 3 renderings of the statue are the 3 forms of sekhem available to us.
Triple Sekhmet: detail

Triple Sekhmet: detail

Triple Sekhmet: detail

The statue that I used as a template for this work

At the Brooklyn Museum

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