100 Days Of Sacred Art

On my Instagram page I have started a project where I publish a sketch a day for 100 days.

The idea has emerged in order to keep me practising drawing every day. Without my sketching and drawing skills my paintings can't exist, and it has been a practice I have been lacking in paying attention to. It has helped stimulate new ideas and one recent sketch began a rather intense healing episode!

As I still work full time it has not been easy to produce a new sketch every day, so the project has evolved to incorporate other elements of my work (like early sketch / drafts of earlier paintings).

It has been quiet on the blog because of my art work, so Instagram can fill some gaps in the meantime. Some of the sketches are done quickly and as practice, whilst others have more craftsmanship evident. I am including everything including the rough and raw as an insight into my methods and craft.

A scene from the sarcophagus of King Seti I

The forgiveness of Khnum

An older sketch and template for another painting in my Sacred Bull series: Hap

Heru - original sketch that appears in my new painting The Netjeru In New York City; the glyphs have been revised in the painting to keep with cannon

Original sketch for my new painting The Netjeru In New York City; this is from my Netjeru In America series 

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