Kemetic Soul Anatomy 2016

The original line work on canvas ready for colour in my 2015 painting Material Immortality; each shrine contains a soul part; the lion mummiform represents khat

As the year draws to a close I offer an update on my latest research and current theories about Kemetic Soul Anatomy. I am beginning to suspect that a concrete understanding of these concepts is harder to maintain as the components reveal themselves, and harder still to express in words.

I have written on the topic before, and touched on some basics in a 2012  post that I want to elaborate upon now. This blogpost 4 years later can be considered a belated Part 2!

As I venture further into the subject as well as Egyptology (largely through reading and writing hieroglyphs myself), I am struck by how little our understanding of Kemet has evolved since Egyptology emerged as a discipline 200 years ago. Egyptology in and of itself does not evolve. There is a set notion of "this is how it was", and thus we still get renderings of Ka as spirit and Ba as soul. We need to look to other sources (perhaps other sciences?) to understand the enigmatic soul anatomy that this civilisation understood, unless we wish to keep a Victorian view of everything related to Ancient Egypt.

The physical body as a soul component; it of course includes the flesh (Kemetic aufu) but the name designates its function as something else; almost every religion in the modern world has grossly underestimated the importance of the physical body, which is the focal point (cocoon even) in this dimension for all the other components ; the term contains the word Ka and is also contained in the word Khaibit - I believe that this is because in all 3 cases an identical physical and semi physical form of our bodies exists across dimensions in this shape.
The hieroglyphs for the word contain a fish, the concretizing bread loaf (t) and a pustule; I read this as fluid playing a part in the souls science of the body, and it could relate to kundalini or even semen and ova; the automaton like consciousness of fish could relate to the body being dysfunctional without activation of the other parts, or at least some of them

 The personal "me", as opposed to ren which is the public "me"; both are personality centred vehicles but Ka is the inner focused version and our "I"; as mentioned it replicates the physical form etherically or when travelling in the Duat, but may not be able to go further than that realm without other "parts"; the ka arms hieroglyphs puzzle me - they are at once hands raised in adoration or prayer but also perhaps preparing for an embrace - perhaps without the embrace of Ka we are not people or conscious in the way that we know ourselves to be

More than just the "name" or "sound body", this is how your essence and the idea of you on the earth is projected to others and how you are perceived; it may be like a public projection of the ka and how we resonate in this dimension; the ren may contain the blueprint of destiny, and it may be how we anchor ourselves into the timeline in which we are currently immersed; with glyphs of a mouth and waves there can be no doubt that the spoken word and speech is very much part of this enigmatic soul component

The part that moves most swiftly and easily between the physical and non physical words, and is most likely the centre of what we feel in ourselves when we detect spiritual states or religious feelings; likely it is my ba that I am channelling more than others as I type (except the khat which I need to type the letters on my keyboard, and my ka and ren which formulate the words in a way that this post will express my point in the style that is mine); the glyphs are a human headed falcon (the reverse of which are how the falcon headed gods are represented)  but also a jabiru stork - the long legs of this bird distance it from the ground and yet it is quite capable of navigating on foot and flying away; both symbols makes me think that we can and do take our consciousness to other realms and don't "dissolve" as the Buddhists suggest

I wrote in the 2012 post mentioned above that the ab is "the conscience, your justice self, located in the heart"; I have not changed this thought but believe the ab to be much more our feeling centred self and the seat of thought itself (the Egyptians did have the term, "the intelligence of the heart"); the degree to which we can operate our Ba is likely influenced greatly by how refined our ab is, as the two words are mirror images of the other; it may be that ab is the earthly version of Ba, and at night when we sleep ab rises to become ba in the next world to take our experiences to . . . .

 The shadow self and what has been thought of as the astral body; with development the khaibit can change its form; it does however start as a replica of the physical body before metamorphoses commences; I believe that shamans use this body when undergoing ritual and trance, and this is likely the first vehicle accessed when undergoing psychoactive journeys via substances like DMT, ayahuasca and psilocybin

More than simply the vital force or life force, it is how the force / energy manifests as you; likely the centre or actual point that we call charisma; although written with different glyphs, heka "magic" is hidden in this word and that may reveal something closer to the truth of what this vehicle and energy is

The Netjer body that viewed from within time is the end point of soul evolution; outside of time however it is already complete but may be hardest of all to reach; the glyphs are very interesting as they contain the determinative of Netjer, a star, and a glyph designated as toes (a sandal strap for toes - but I question the interpretation of that). The words for breath, unite and utterance are contained in this word too. The sa is also a glyph of protection that is a floating device worn by sailors. This also provides much thought for being contained within this word.

I wrote in the 2012 article that Akh is "possibly the “light body” of various mystery teachings, and perhaps the Holy Guardian Angel"; I stand by this still, but have more to add: as experienced in time, it is the vehicle that can be closest to Netjer before we actually manifest our evolved or completed Sahu; outside of time the role it plays is more mysterious; it is said that deceased folks becomes akhs as stars in the sky - the light reference; akh may have more of a role to play in those that are pursuing the life of a sage or magi; the word for magick heka is also contained within this word (see also Sekhem) and that can not be overlooked; the crested ibis is one part of the glyph, so divine intelligence is suggested - the ibis being sacred to Djehuti, Netjer of Divine intelligence and the intellect in general; the small crossed disk has been called a placenta by Egyptology but I feel it is a reference to light from an unseen source; akh and sekhem are my primary candidates for the life force itself, two distinct parts that we don't currently understand. Perhaps in the distinguishing between the two we can better articulate all of the soul bodies so discussed by the ancients.

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