Nehebukau And The Ocean Of Reassurance

Nehebukau And The Ocean Of Reassurance
Mixed media (acrylic and moulding paste) on linen
72" x 48"

My latest painting is my first larger canvas (actually this is linen) in almost 2 years (the last was This Has All Happened Before And This Will All Happen Again).

The painting is mixed media and includes moulding paste which I have used to bring movement to the ocean. It is the first time that I have used moulding paste in a work and I am pleased with how it has turned out.

The Netjer Nehebukau descends and hovers above a beach, conveying blessings upon the hierophant. The blessings are a unifying of the hierophant's soul anatomy in a way that will take him from soul blindness to true vision. The blessing that He conveys assures not only the unification of soul parts but His divine protection also.

This photo better shows the iridescence around the hieroglyphs of blessing

This painting is the beginning of other new projects on a similar topic, including a short film that I am making and a triptych of paintings on the same theme.

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