Do Not Tear The Cocoon

Do Not Tear The Cocoon
Acrylic on gessoed board
20" x 27.5"
This painting is one of the most direct statements of personal initiation so far.

Conceived in a visit earlier this year to my hometown of Adelaide, and featuring the Adelaide skyline as taken in a photograph by me from the Belair Road hill by the cemetery (cemeteries have played a part in my artwork of this year). As the true yield of the internal process unfolded, so did the painting fully emerge.

The original photo taken as I came from down the hill on Belair Road - note Set statue on my dashboard

The edited photo of the Adelaide skyline featured in the painting

The painting was commenced before Winged Heru and finished after the latter was complete, the image features 9 Netjeru (Heru, Set, Wepwawet, Anpu, Montu, Auset, Nebt-Ht, Serqet and Het-Hrt) and says something of soul anatomy again also (the cars, the cocoon).

The painting is on a gessoed board, acrylic, and measures 20" x 27.5"

Do Not Tear The Cocoon detail: NebtHt, Serqet, Montu, Anpu

Do Not Tear The Cocoon detail: Wepwawet, Set, Auset, HetHrt

Do Not Tear The Cocoon detail: cars and cocoon

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