Profane Egyptologists

I am very pleased that my painting This Has All Happened Before And This Will All Happen Again is featured on the cover of Dr. Paul Harrison's forthcoming book, Profane Egyptologists.

Dr. Harrison has written about the modern revival of the Ancient Egyptian religion today, and I am very looking forward to reading the book when it is published later this year.

For information about the creation of my painting you can view the original blog post. One piece of information that I did not include in that post relates to the very first sketch I made of the work that I remained faithful to in the final rendering that is known today: it was made on the train that goes from New York to Boston. I had a little booth like thing that I shared with another bloke, complete with table. We did not carry on hardly any conversation with each other, but when he glanced up and saw the sketch he remarked, "I love that Ancient Egyptian stuff - cool man". (I was on my way to the Boston Museum Of Fine Arts where further inspiration awaited!)

The painting was later to be accepted as a finalist in the 64th Blake Prize Director's Cut - the 3rd of my paintings to be so honoured.

You can pre-order a copy of Profane Egyptologists here.

This Has All Happened Before And This Will All Happen Again
Acrylic on linen
72" x 48"
September 2015

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